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    ...And I now present to you, Mr. & Mrs. ???

    Toby Erkson

      Okay, I was out Friday because I was using my Father's Day present to dance with this dainty Italian girl around a parking lot:

                                          3 laps around a parking lot in a super-car...this is not my car, merely a 'rental'.


      Yup, a Ferrari F430 is a nimble and fast car.  Accelerates like a sport bike but, unlike a motorcycle, you can control how it slides around corners and make those tires sing!  The Lamborghini there was quite lovely but its exhaust note was very disappointing.

                                                                           Gratuitous Lambo shot for Pooja


      Yesterday I dug a 18" deep trench between my shop and the pump house/garden shed (I rented a trencher).  The new power supply cable for our well pump will go there (you can see the temporary yellow cable in the background), hopefully this week:


      So that explains why I was out of the "Tableau Ambassadorial Office" and I have pictures and sore arms to prove it.  However, this isn't about me:  I noticed that someone else who has been out of the Tableau office for about 2 weeks, who has been back to work for about a week now, and has yet to show us any pictures of her wedding or even give us a little summary of how it went, how the honeymoon was, and her new last name (if she's chosen to to keep it or not)...





      C'mon girl, fill us in!  At least give us look at you in your wedding regalia!  As they say, "Pictures or it didn't happen!"

      Tracy Rodgers