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    Sandy Hook Visualisation

    Ravi Mistry

      Hello all! I am new to the Tableau Community and wanted to share one of the visualisations that I have created and get some comments and feedback from the wonderful Tableau Universe.


      I created this visualisation after taking inspiration from the sombre viz by The Huffington Post (see here)


      Please let me know your thoughts on design, the story and how well it reads/how easy it is to understand. Thank you and happy vizzing!



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          Thanks for sharing!

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            Michael Hesser

            Hello Ravi;


            Thank you for sharing. I think it's important to remain neutral and allow the numbers & user to come to a consensus, however there are one or two suggestions I have:

            • I feel the 2,244 number needs to be made much larger. When I first began looking at your great viz, I thought to myself "How many people lost their lives in those 100 days?"  I think you could make the 2,244 "leap off the page" a little more.
            • Most of us in the US were fairly familiar with the Sandyhook tragedy... but perhaps going into brief detail (mentioning that the lives 27 people-- mostly school children-- were lost, as well as the perpetrator) will put additional emphasis on the numbers. You could do this with a Tooltip or even a URL jump to the Wikipedia article. Some might contend this is leading the user with a personal opinion-- you can be the judge of that.
            • I'd like to see the number of deaths/state for the same time last year, at least in a Tooltip. While these numbers strike me as far, far too high, I think it's fair to ask "how has the shock of this tragedy affected gun violence, if at all?"
            • And since I'm a stickler for little details that few other people would notice: I would re-sort your red bars by state, by day, and by most to fewest deaths. Alternatively, maybe add a slight border to them? This will surely sound grim, but it's... interesting... to see the large groups of gun deaths (e.g. Chicago, Jan 1, 2013).
            • You might consider adding a highlighting dashboard action linking bars and cities... so when I click on Jan 1, 2013, Chicago IL, I can see that Chicago has witnessed A LOT of gun violence. This would also let me click on a city and see if there were patterns. Naturally, this might just detract from the great viz you already have... but food for thought.


            Thank you for sharing!