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    Multiple mark types/colours on one graph

    Rachel Bruce



      I have made a graph which plots an individual's before and after score, with a line joining these two scores. I've done this by creating one graph with both of the two scores, and another graph which has lines between each individual's before and after point (using a gantt mark and sizing it by the difference between each score). I've then made it a dual axis to produce one graph. It's the next stage which I'm stuck on: I have two average lines - the average of the 'before' score and the average of the 'after' score - and I want to colour each point by whether it is above or below the line. I.e. if an individual's 'before' score is below the 'before' average and the 'after' score is above the 'after' average, I want the 'before' point to be red and the 'after' point to be green. I can't seem to find any way of doing this, since I'd need two different colour rules for each score, and I can't do this when they're plotted on the same graph as measure values. If it was possible to do a triple axis in the same way as a dual axis then this would solve my problem as I've just have the before score, the after score, and the line joining the two on three separate graphs. But it doesn't seem this is possible in Tableau.


      Any ideas??