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    Tableau Server - Failed to find the system user ....... (errorCode=42)

    Emmet McCormack

      Hi All,


      I have come across a rather puzzling issue after performing a server install.


      Some basic background to the problem:


      Tableau Server 9.0.5


      Windows server 2012 r2


      The install went fine and there was no hiccups.


      They use AD authentication with automatic logon.


      However, once they navigate to the tableau server url the automatic login fails and the have to enter their AD credentials manually.


      After the manual entry, they log on successfully and business continues as normal.


      I reviewed the logs and came across the following entry:

      2105-09-04 12:02:02.888 +0100 catalina-exec-4 - - Error requestId=Vel6KqwfLp0AABtUDKcAAAPe: wgsessionid=-com.tableausoftware.app.vizportal.WebClientGetAuthenticationController – LoginFailedException in WebClientGetAuthenticationController: Failed to find the system user {<fully qualified domain name>/<domain name>\<username>} (errorCode=42)


      Essentially, it appears as if when tableau goes to automatically log them on, it generates a weird domain name/username string which results in the user not being found.

      I thought it may have been a nickname issue but after doing some listdomains and editdomain changes, it had no impact.

      Has anyone come across something like this before?

      I am a little stumped.