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    Create % change without data in view

    Samuel Gee

      Hello happy Tabbers,

      I've asked variations on this query in the past, but I'm afraid it's cropped up again and I'm trying to think about it in a new way.


      In the attached, on the first sheet I filter to two weeks out of my dataset, then display the most recent week's sales and build a % change based on the previous week. My boss only wants to see the most recent week's data, so in the second tab I hide the previous week from the viz.


      My problem is that my boss also wants to see the films in the most recent week data ranked by their performance in that week. But Tableau ranks according to the aggregate of sales across all weeks in the view. In the attached workbook it just means that the data is mis-ordered, but with larger datasets it means entire titles - which may be in the top position in week 1502 - don't appear at all.


      I would really appreciate any assistance that would allow me to rebuild this viz exactly as it is in the second sheet, but with the issue above addressed.


      A previous answer was supplied by the wonderful Dana here, but I'm an idiot and can't get it to work. Any other solutions are appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance,