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    Show trend comparing two dates

    Javier Cimadom

      Hi all,


      I'm been going in circles for a couple of days trying to solve this out.

      Basically I wanted to compare two KPIs between a chosen month and the previous one and if the value is greater then put an arrow up and if the opposite put an arrow down.

      I have a table similar to this:



      Vendor Date KPI1 KPI2
      Vendor 1 Jan-15 1 3
      Vendor 1 Feb-15 2 2
      Vendor 1 Mar-15 3 1
      Vendor 2 Jan-15 2 3
      Vendor 2 Feb-15 3 2
      Vendor 2 Mar-15 1 2



      The chosen period comes from a filter (a dropdown box).

      I'm using Tableau Desktop 8.3


      Any tip or advice will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,

      Kind regards,