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    Conditional Filter based on Selection

    shripad nadiger

      Hi All,



      Based on excel data, i have 5 columns which i have pivoted to form a single column For e.g.(A+B+C+D+E).

      Out of the 5 columns , the last i.e the 5th column  i.e (E) is the sum of the 4 columns.



      I have a map and a bar chart on my dashboard and need to use this pivoted column as a filter.

      The issue is when I use this filter on dashboard , the filter shows up 'All' option. Clicking on 'All' option sums up all the values which gives me a wrong result since 'E' is already a summation of (A+B+C+D) on the map.

      Excluding 'All' from filter will work for map but then i will not be able to show all values on the chart i.e A+B+C+D+E at once.

      Can any one assist me on this.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Shripad Nadiger