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    About click event on a Tableau Viz

    CHEN Junxian

      I want to realize tableau viz animation. As a simple demo, I switch between two viz every 30 seconds. I'd like that the animation be stopped by a click action on no matter where in the page and the animation restarts if no click during 10 seconds.


      But I came across with the following problems which I would appreciate your help:


      1. Does event Listener work as well in story visualization?  Embedding this https://public.tableau.com/views/EPLInjuries/InjuryCrisis?:embed=y&:loadOrderID=0&:display_count=yes , I’ve added an Marks_Selection event Listener. But I got no reaction. But if I use https://public.tableau.com/views/OddsofGoingProinSports/OddsofGoingProinSports?:embed=y&:loadOrderID=0&:display_count=ye… which is only a dashboard not a story, the event listener works! Maybe stories are dealt differently, or there may be some options we can set to make a viz interactive to selection?
      2. Does tableau API has a click event handler but not a mark selection handler? I want an event listener to handler click action on a tableau viz no matter on a mark or not.
      3. I suppose that Tableau doesn't provide a click event handler. Using jquery, I've added a $('#id').click() to my viz. However, it seems that the tableau viz container doesn't react to any click action. I wonder if a viz is treated differently as a special element in html or there maybe some options to set to make a viz interactive by api?


      All help appreciated!


      Best regards,