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    AD (large) Group Sync Failure v9

    Ryan Stacklin



      Is anyone running v9.0.4+ and SUCCESSFULLY synchronizing their large AD groups?  "Large" is greater than 6K users.


      This feature was running well in v8.3.1 (and still does) but fails in the v9 version.  It sync's the first 5K and then errors, which then results in it removing all users beyond those first 5K.  First thought was that 5K is the default query limit for AD, but again, I can run this in 8.3.1 with no problems, that is, all 8K users sync.  The error will occur either manually running the sync in the GUI or via cmd.


      I already have this submitted as a ticket, but I wanted to see if anyone was successfully synchronizing large groups and maybe what their setup is.