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    Different number format for grand total

    Frederik Leth

      I have a measure which has quite discrete values (0, 1, and 3), and I want to summarise this column in a grand total (average).


      The number format of the measure is without decimals due to its discrete nature. Therefore, the total average is rounded as well. Ideally, the total average would have one decimal. Is there any way to have one number format for the measure and another one for the grand total?

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          Hi Frederik,


          So if you right click on any number in your measure in the view (like where I have shown an arrow) and click format, another pane opens in the left hand side. Click on the little on the fields and select your measure, in myc ase it was sum(quantity). Then in the grand totals area like highlighted below, chose a number format just for the grand totals.




          Now you will see that all values are without a decimal point and only the grand totals have one decimal point.

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