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    Tabcmd RefreshExtracts: Project with name All could not be found. (errorCode=9)

    doug olsen

      I'm an Admin noob thrown in at the deep end.  I need to implement Datasource refreshes using batch scripts (so they can be triggered by other processes rather than running on a fixed schedule).

      An Analyst has created a Test workbook which is automatically assigned to Project All.  I can see the workbook and data sources just fine on the console:





      However when I attempt to run the following batch scripted Tabcmd :


      tabcmd refreshextracts -s http://localhost -u ********** -p ********* --workbook "DO TEST" --project "All"  --datasource "Sheet1 (Tableau Test Data DO)"

      tabcmd logout


      I get the following error:


      ===== Scheduling extracts for workbook 'All/DO TEST' to be refreshed now...

        *** Item not found

      Project with name All could not be found. (errorCode=9)


      I've tried all sorts of variations on this Tabcmd but just can't get it to work.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.