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    How does the 'Global Limit' setting work in Tableau when connecting to Redshift?

    Andy Bates

      We have Tableau Server connected to a Redshift database and we are getting two intermittent errors when running published workbooks from the server:


      Internal Error - operation could not be completed

      Exceeded Max No of Cursors allowed to open concurrently


      And a third intermittent error when running those same workbooks in Tableau Desktop:


      Reconnect to [name of datasource]


      I have Tableau support cases open for all three of these, but during our investigation we came across this article:



      If I am reading this article correctly, it is saying that Tableau can only ever have two queries running at once when reading from a Redshift datasource which I’m sure cannot be true. If you ever have more than 2 active users in your system then folks would be getting errors left and right.


      Can anyone help me to understand how this Global Limit setting works in relation to Redshift? Do you think it might be related to the three intermittent errors above or are we chasing a red herring?


      Many thanks for your help!