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    Howmany VIZQL Server processes should be configured for 16 core/128GM RAM

    Srinivas K

      We are planning to roll out Tableau Server with over 500 users, but at a given moment we probably expecting about 50 users viewing reports at once. Daily around 50 Heavy Extracts need to be refreshed out of the business hours and another 50 heavy Refreshes with in business hours ( End of the Day Reports).


      planned Hardware : 16 core , 128 GB Ram, 500 GB hard disk


      What is the Server configuration processes you recommend.


      Can we follow the below server processes with Max count scenario.


      Min\Max No of VIZQL Server Processes: 2(min)\16(max)
      Min\Max no of Cache Server Processes: 2\16
      Min\Max no of Backgrounder Processes: 4\8
      Min\Max no of Data Engine Processes: 2\4
      Min\Max no of Data Server Processes: 2\4

      Any suggestions will be really helpful.