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    Cincinnati Tableau Conference Meetup

    Russell Spangler

      If anyone would like to meet during the Tableau conference I would be happy to help promote a time and location.  I will be attending the conference and I believe most of the admins for the Cincinnati group will be attending.  This is my 3rd Tableau conference so if you have any questions please post below (or email me) and I would be happy to try and answer them.


      I recommend the conference, I think it’s a great conference and you can adjust your schedule to include the topics that you are interested in.  The conference also includes training (before & after the conference) and hands on training during the conference, so it is a great way for beginner/advance users to greatly increase their abilities within Tableau.  If you do take training courses my suggestion would be to take the more advance paths to maximize your time, I think most people can cover the basics on their own or with Tableau’s training materials.


      (Also reply to this posting if you like to discuss the conference or a possible meetup during the conference).