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    Automatically reset navigation buttons?

    Joe Womeldorff

      I have a visualization with a main screen where the user enters information and several 'results' screens. To navigate to the results screens, there are several buttons. The buttons use a 'filter' action to jump to the other dashboards and there are 'new search' buttons on each dashboard that use the same 'filter' action. This works fine; however, when the user goes back to the main screen, they must de-select and re-select the navigation button to return to a 'results' screen. Has anyone figured out how to automatically reset the button (i.e. de-select the object) so that the user does not have to click twice? This cannot be delivered on Tableau server so URLs do not seem to be an option.

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          Joe Oppelt

          It's not as straightforward as you might think.


          But here is a sample workbook that hacks around this issue.  The secret here is that you need to change the underlying data value so that when you return, the old value is no longer selected.  So there is a small file off to the side that the trick in this workbook uses to increment the data value.  The attached workbook uses a clipboard.  I use an excel file when I implement this in my own workbooks.


          See attached.

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            Diane Nugent

            Wow, this is a great question and it looks like you've found a cool work-around.  But I'm struggling to understand how to implement it.  Any chance you've done a video of this one?  Thanks!

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              Joe Oppelt

              Diane -- I guess it would make a good video example.  I'll have to make that happen some time.


              Part of the secret in getting it to work is to get the settings right on the actions.  Notice that in one, the source is calc2 and the target is calc1, and in the other the source is calc1 and the target is also calc1.  Click "Leave the filter" for the clearing option.

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                Diane Nugent

                I’m really trying to study it!  And I’ll have to play with it in my dashboard.  Also, it looks like your clipboard data source has 999 records in it.  How many records are needed?

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  Ah yes.  I was going to mention that.


                  The method works because tableau is "walking" down the table one row at a time for every back-an-forth.  So if someone decided to go back and forth 1000 times, ...  I'm not sure what would happen.

                  When the user exits the workbook and comes back, it starts at the top again.  I just figured 1000 would be enough to "feed" any user's navigation needs.  I probably could get away with 100.

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                    Diane Nugent

                    OK, thanks.  I’m sure this is very clever (can’t imagine how you figured it out!



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                      Diane Nugent

                      Joe, I have been successful in re-creating what you did in a sample menu workbook.  However, my menu options require a data source and I can't figure out how to integrate your trick.  Can you take a look at my sample workbook and help me figure it out?

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                        Joe Oppelt

                        I'm not sure I understand the problem.


                        You have the arrows wortking back and forth.  They run off the clipboard.  That's a data source unto itself.  They run independent of the actual data sheets.  (At least, that's how the trick works.)


                        I'm guessing that you want the user to click a menu option on a main dashboard that sends them to a different sub-dashboard, and then when they get there, have a return-to arrow that sends them back to the main.


                        The reason why the trick works is because the value underlying the sheet (either calculation1 or calculation2) has changed, thus Tableau doesn't view the sheet as being in the same state as it was when you left, and any click on it is like a new click -- it isn't interpreted by Tableau as a user action to clear the sheet.  That's why I'm using a separate data source.  Whatever value is underlying the arrow shape doesn't impact what's happening anywhere else on any other sheet on the dashboard.


                        I messed with your dashboards.  First I changed the TEXT values for the three MENU OPTION sheets so that you aren't displaying the actual data values of the Menu Option field.  Just the text value of "BLUE" or whatever.  I did that because if you're going to make the trick work, you'll have to change the actual underlying value of the data.


                        But then I realized that you might be able to do it using the clipboard data source.  I created similar sheets for BLUE and GREEN that were like MenuOption1 and 2, but using clipboard instead.  Then I threw them on MAIN, and implemented the same technique between Main and Target1 and 2.


                        It works for the test example you have here, but I suspect there is more to your actual design than this simple one.  But maybe you can use this all the same.  Take a look.

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                          Diane Nugent

                          I'm sorry, I wasn't clear.  The issue is that in reality, my menu report is much more complex, driven off a data table which drives the menu label and provides parameters to pass to the sub-reports.  So simply redirecting the menu options to the clipboard data source may work in this simple example but not in reality.


                          I finally understand the technique and am trying to figure out if I can somehow use both the menu options data source along with the clipboard data source to drive the solution.  I've even joined the two sources so that there are 999 rows for each menu option, but can't get it there...


                          Am I stretching this trick into an area that may not be appropriate?  In the attached updated sample, I've tried to get the GREEN (MenuOption1) button to connect to Target 1 and have the BACK button return.  I left the arrows as you had so that I can keep referring back to that as a point of reference, but they are not the solution I need here.



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                            Ville Tyrväinen

                            Old navigation problem...:)

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                              Ville Tyrväinen

                              Is this close to that, what you are looking for?



                              * And hi Joe!

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                                Diane Nugent

                                Yes!!  Now I just have to figure out how you did it…  Thank you.

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                                  Joe Oppelt

                                  Ville -- If I'm asessing this right, what you did is duplicate the original method three times in the data source instead of in the clipboard, and created a machine of calcs to govern the actions so that it works like the original method used earlier in the thread.

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                                    Diane Nugent

                                    I created this document explaining the technique.  I hope this is helpful.  Joe and Ville, you have been most helpful and I hope that you will review my document to determine if it is accurate.  I have re-created my sample following this technique and it works for me!

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