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    filter date not applied on a set

    Lior Barak

      Hi guzs,

      Before I am losing all my hair

      I set a set to retrieve the top 15 sales countries on my Tableau desktop (v9.0.0) and then when I filter for the date, it looks like the filter does not apply on the set, so I end up having the set rank top 15 by the entire database, while in my preview I want to show only the last month.

      It's driving me crazy and I couldn't find any other place that someone complains about it. is it just my version or is it a known issue? what's going on here guys????

      I wanna jump out of the window

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          Simon Runc

          hi Lior,


          By Set, I assume you are using the 'Set' in Tableau to define this.


          This drove me a bit crazy for  a while (fortunately I'm already bald as a coot!!...I think that occurred during my Excel days!!). The trick to get a filter to affect a set is to make the Date Filter a 'context' filter. If you click on the Date in the filter shelf, and select 'Add to Context' the set will now reflect the filter.


          This is to do with the order of operations in Tableau. btw this is also the case if you want a FIXED LoD to be affected by a filter (although not in the below image, the set is done at the same place as FIXED).


          Order of Operations.png


          Hope this solves your issue, but if not please post back