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    Only VizAlerts for single sheet subscriptions


      When subscribing to VizAlerts a coworker and myself noticed we only get VizAlert emails for single sheet subscriptions.  If you select "Sheets in Workbook" then no email is received. Is there a way to get all sheets in a workbook to be emailed?

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          Matt Coles

          You're right David--as of right now, unfortunately there's no way to get an alert based on all the sheets in a workbook. It only supports individual Views. But, I'd like to talk more about that idea...if this was a feature, how would you want it to work?


          Let's say you had a Workbook with three Views. Here are some scenarios and options I can think of. What would you want to receive if:


          a. View 1 was triggered

               i. View 1 is emailed to you with the CSV attached.

               ii. Views 1, 2 and 3 are emailed to you with just the CSV for View 1 attached.

          b. View 1 & View 2 were triggered

               i. View 1 is emailed to you with the CSV attached, and View 2 is emailed separately to you, also with the CSV attached

               ii. View 1 and View 2 are combined into one email to you, with both CSVs attached.

               iii. Views 1, 2, and 3 are all emailed to you with just the CSVs for Views 1 and 2 attached.



          Toby Erkson , as an Admin:


          Would you want people to be able to set up a workbook's worth of Alerts that would run all at the same time, without restriction? With the current "architecture" of VizAlerts they'd be run in series and thus could delay other alerts (at some point I hope to add parallel processing, but it's a ways out)

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            Matt Coles

            Oh yes, also--in our environment we have a bunch of workbooks that have standard views, and also include one or more Alert views. Do you think people might build a single Alert view, then schedule the entire Workbook on an alert schedule, and wind up getting confused when it continually emailed them?

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              I would like to see any of the views that have been selected in a single email.  It would be nice to have the option to include or exclude the CSV file for the selected views.  So you could select Views 1, 2, and 3 to email and CSV for 1, and 3 or 2, and 3, etc.

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                Toby Erkson

                Boy, this is a question with many "what-ifs" to solve.


                I think that common sense should prevail for users setting alerts.  If every worksheet in a workbook has an alert and they all trigger then they all get sent individually.  Playing nanny and building rules for all the many possibilities an alert on a sheet/workbook can be implemented and triggered is a fruitless, tail-chasing endeavor.


                If an alert is triggered and it's set for the Workbook then email all the sheets with a link to the workbook.  If there happen to be alerts that are set for only a Sheet and they, too, get triggered then they each get emailed as a separate email.  I'm sure there will be arguments for and against both situations, even in the same environment, so a single on/off setting in the .yaml file will not work.

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                  Arnold Slabbekoorn

                  So we just started yesterday with the rollout of VizAlerts and I was looking into emailing the entire workbook based on triggering from one single sheet. But it seems the VIZ_PDF can only reference a single view correct? I tried to reference the workbook only and got an error the pdf could not be generated.  So would I need to replicate VIZ_PDF views in my Email Attachment and use the mergepdf option to get them all in a single PDF for now?

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                    Matt Coles

                    Hey Arnold--glad to hear everyone is liking VizAlerts after your training! Yes, you have it pretty much right, you'll need to tell VizAlerts each sheet you want from each workbook, using VIZ_PDF. You can jam them all into a single Email Attachment field value, or you can also use the Consolidate field to combine multiple rows of data into a single email, which would result in the attachments being merged across the rows as well (this would have the effect of merging all the Body lines as well though, so if all you're after is the merged PDFs, you could leave it blank and just use the Header field for the Body).

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                      Arnold Slabbekoorn

                      Thanks. Got it working. In fact what I am doing is creating a complete separate workbook right now. e.g. Arnolds_Scheduled_Reports. Each view within that workbook will trigger a different email alert in the future. I added a field to my excel file called Email_Alert_Id so I can manage everything in one source file and filter on that ID in each workbook view. When I publish this to server only I can see it on my site and each view gets a different subscription schedule on how I want that report I referenced to in the Email attachment fields to be distributed. So this whole concept is disconnected from the real workbooks and acts as my personal distribution scheduling tool on my site as Tableau lacks proper export options right now for pdf, csv and excel.