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    table calculation

    Manish Mishra

      Hi intellectuals,

      Query is regarding table calculations.



      How to categorize best,medium,average performer:

      let i've chosen 5 items(from filter)

      now on basis of "order per day" field..

      categorize items like this

      a)items whose "order per day" >90 percentile is best performer?(probably need to create parameter here)

      b) items whose "order per day" is b/w 50-90 percentile is medium performer?

      c)items whose "order per day" is less than 50 percentile is low performer?


      now what is percentile?

      (as i much i know about percentile,correct me if i'm wrong)


      let i've chosen 6 items(after check in filter)..

      whose order per day are after sort 2,4,5,6,7,12 respectively

      90 percentile means

      =0.9* (no. of items)


      nearest integer=5

      so,item on 5th n onwards falls in the 1st category(best performer)

      in other way,items whose "order per day" is more than 7(as in this eg) are best performer and so on...



      This calculation sud also make affect when date changed,also no. of items added or removed from filter

      (means dyanamic calculation required)



      Now make a pie chart to show how many items are in which category(best,med,low)

      when clicked on slice of pie

      1. let's say...best performer clicked...then it'll show all those items in table performing best.(drill through)

      if u'r unable to attach twbx after resolving.

      mail that on manish.shandalya@gmail.com



      Dropbox - Sales figure.zip

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Manish Mishra,


          I see this post was marked as "assumed answered".  Were you still looking for assistance with the question? 


          Also note that if a packaged workbook (.twbx) file is directly attached to the post in the community forums, the post is marked in our 'unanswered posts' area with a blue square that indicates a post with a workbook.  These are typically the first questions that members of the community pick to assist others with.