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    Authentication Problem when coming from subscription email

    James Allison

      I am getting looks on this question but no suggestions as to what might be wrong. Maybe this error message will help.

      It reads: That page could not be accessed. Either it does not exist or you do not have the necessary permissions. As you can see from below, I created the view, I am an admin and I can see it when I am not following a link from email. Somehow the email initiated request is not seen as valid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Hmm now I see I can't attach a screenshot in jpg format. Does anyone from Tableau read this forum?


      Hi, We just got the subscription functionality going on our Tableau 9 server. I am a server admin. I can subscribe to a view and then run the subscription "now". I get the email with an image of the view, but when I click on it and go to the server I get a not authorized or the view does not exist error. I am able to log in and interact with the view. When I published the view from the desktop client I set the authentication to embed the password and allow access to all users. As an admin I am in the all user group. I don't know why the server will not let me go right to the view without the your not authorized error. Can anyone offer any suggestions.  Thanks  Jim Allison Williams College.


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