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    AVG should consider the total users it considers only the filtered ones

    Madhu Pimple

      Basically I am trying to find the average.... based on the u id...month of start date and month of completed at...  If they dont have any completed assessmnt they still should be considered and the count should be 0...


      Please check the sheets numerator and denominator.....ex. one user - user id= 10... he started in june....

      but he completed assessment in august...but he should be counted for june, july also....


      so now for this my output should be


      Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.25.58 AM.png


      I not sure if I am conveying to you correctly but basically I am trying to achieve the average...based on the total users and completed assessment...if the users have not completed any of that month then count them but their assessment should be 0





      Looking forward for help

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