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    Web Analytics

    Mary W

      I'm trying to create a very simple report but having problems getting my measures to look like I want them.


      The report would basically constitute of a list of "Pages", so a list of URLs and then metrics for those URLs - Visits & Avg Time on Site. I included an image below of how I would want it to look like. The main difference between the two different tables is that one groups Visits and Avg Time on Site together and the other separates them. I'd like to know how to do both.


      I'm assuming this is fairly simple so I'd appreciate any help pointing me in the right direction. Screenshots of what should be in my dimensions/rows/measures in Tableau would be really helpful too. Thanks so much for the help!

      View image: example

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Mary W,


          This post has not received a response in the last month.  Have you found a solution for this request or is assistance still requested? 


          What is the source of the data and I would wonder the purpose behind the desired formatting of the various columns.


          The output is possible in Tableau appears possible utilizing multiple views combined into a single dashboard (something like this: Customizing Grand Totals – Part 1 | Drawing with Numbers) however more information about how this report will change over time and the desired information to communicate would potentially provide more ideas for formatting and report design. 


          - Patrick