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    We are trying to calculate customer callback within 60 days


      I am tyring to compute customers who call us back within 60 days. Here is the hirarchy Service Provider to customer to Claim ID within each customer. WE are trying to identify if the same customer called back within 60 days for same component after the provider serviced it. We are comparing the claim create date between claims for same customer. Here is the formula used to compute the days between claims:DATEDIFF('day',MAX([Reference Date]),MAX([claim_create_dt])). Reference date is set as '01/01/1900'. I am able to get count of callback at customer level but not able to further agregate it to provider level(Scname level). Say for example in the graph below I would like to show for the first provider A. Total of 3 but not able to add them up. Due to data sensivity I cannot publish the tableau report.