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    REST API 2.0 - non-admins not allowed to publish to Tableau Server (9.0.0) ?

    Mac Roach

      Hi, I'm developing a tool to publish data sources to an instance of Tableau Server using the new REST API. I'm trying to make it compatible with Tableau Server 9.0.0+, but have recently run into an issue that I have not been able to find documented anywhere. It seems that when any non-admin user tries to initiate a file upload, the request is denied with a message giving error code 403015: "Forbidden -- User 'myuser' is unauthorized to create a file upload."


      I don't know if there's anything to be done about this, but wanted to reach out to see:

      1. Is this is a known issue? Could I possibly just be missing something? (I don't think so, the same user with role set as "Publisher" is able to publish directly to the test server using the Tableau desktop software, but gets that error trying to do so with the API.)
      2. Are there any possible workarounds?