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    .Net utility to import users from LDAP to Tableau

    vishant shenoy

      Hi All,


      I  have a requirement o develop MS .Net utility for migrating users from Windows LDAP to Tableau server. Objective is to apply rules for set users based on to their profile and export the users to Tableau Server.


      Here's a summary of steps planned for implemeting, please suggest if you have better option:-


      1. Create set of rules for different user groups and store in an XML file
      2. Define entities and attributes to read from LDAP for different users
      3. Read LDAP users and copy the data to XML file using above attributes
      4. Apply rules on top of data in XML files and output it a new XML file
      5. Update the XML file created in previous step to Tableau Server using TABCMD call (REST API)

      Please let me know whether if I am on the right track.