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    How to do row level security in database using users ip address ( location)

    Pramod Bhat

      Hi Guys,


      Let me give you all the facts about my setup or the plan of setup and listing out the challenges.



      1. Live connection to Oracle Database from Tableau Server

      2. Thinking of Using Kerberos for SSO

      3. Decided to setup all row level restrictions at the Database end not the Tableau server


      Challenge  ( Inputs Required)

      1. row level security at the database is managed by an java application, where it takes into account

                1. Username and Password

                2. IP address of the user to find the location, so the it can limit the rows on 2 conditons i.e user role and location



      1.so how can ip address along with user credentials can be got by the system if i am using Tableau Server, Kerberos SSO, and oracle Database with java application for implementing row level securitry.?


      2. What might be the ways of implementing ?


      3. Can this sending of Ip be managed by SSO service like kerberos?