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    Cannot run procedure

    Luc Jiang

      My procedure is like below:


      create procedure

      @xx datetime




      select *

      into #temp

      from T_XX


      select *

      from #temp




      And tableau cannot run that telling me the procedure doesnot return a dataset...


      and I have tried and found that once you have a parameter, Tableau cannot run, and once you need to create temp tables, tableau cannot run...


      But without the using of temp tables, the procedure will take too much time...


      What can i do to resolve it ?

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          Bora Beran

          The reason why the procedure fails is that you didn't set nocount on.


          There is a long discussion in this thread.


          Using stored procedures and temp tables


          You should get a good performance without a temp table in your scenario since Tableau already creates a temp table for you then queries that table. With your procedure, Tableau will still get the results from the second select statement and create another temp table and then query that.

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