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    FT (Remote from U.S.) BI Analyst, QM Quality Matters, Inc.

    Julie Henn

      Job Title:  Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst, QM Quality Matters, Inc.


      Job Status: Full-time, exempt (minimum of 40 week).


      Job Location: Annapolis, MD. This is a telecommuting position and can be worked from anywhere in U.S..

      Reports To:  Chief Information Officer / Director of Technology


      About Quality Matters:

      QM Quality Matters, Inc. (QM) is a non-profit organization serving stakeholders in the online learning industry.  The QM community represents a broad inter-institutional collaboration and shared understanding of online course quality. QM's quality assurance processes and tools have been developed to improve and certify the design of online and blended courses and have become the national standard for course design.  With more than 1000 individual and institutional subscribers, QM serves the online education market in the U.S. and abroad in higher education, K12, government, corporate, educational publishing, and continuing education. QM currently offers 5 sets of design standards (Rubrics) and manages a peer review process for each to evaluate and improve the quality of online and hybrid courses. QM runs an extensive program of face-to-face and online workshops and certification courses for faculty and education and training professionals, develops and maintains online tools to facilitate the course review process, and maintains a website and extensive web presence.  The program holds an international quality assurance conference and regional user conferences annually. QM subscribers are located in the US, Canada, Singapore, Fiji, Australia, Ireland, Greece, and Saudi Arabia and our base continues to grow rapidly.


      Position Goals:

      • To support the needs of Information Technology through architecting, designing, and developing reporting solutions that will enable QM to leverage data assets for actionable insight.  This is a new position needed to fully implement and support QM’s business intelligence (BI) system (Tableau).  QM’s executive leadership team requires such reporting to assist with strategic planning and decision-making and to support research efforts on the demonstration of impact of QM products and services. This position is needed to develop data models, visualizations and dashboards and to train managers on the use of the BI system for ad-hoc queries and further analysis to inform specific business challenges.

      • To support Quality Matters leaders toward the achievement of the Quality Matters Program’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives.


      Position Responsibilities:

      • BI Reporting Solutions Development

      o Design, develop, test, deliver, implement, and maintain high quality, cost effective, business intelligence tools using Tableau – namely data models, data visualizations, and dashboards, according to best practices.

      o Develop and build reporting solutions based on existing requirements, hypothetical needs/wants, models and delivery methods

      o Partner with project management teams to drive operational excellence (continuous improvement) and adoption of enterprise improvement initiatives

      o Become a Subject Matter Expert in Quality Matters’ operations by being able to understand the organization operations, reporting requirements and deliver insights that will drive the organization forward

      o Use task and project management systems to document work performed and coordinate with QA and business team members

      o Manage projects throughout the entire systems development life cycle (including presenting timely/thorough status reports).

      o Assure that reports and applications are designed/coded that meet the defined requirements and execute efficiently

      o Work on multiple projects with different deadlines often under pressure

      o Accurately estimate time to complete work/project

      o Troubleshoot production problems, assisting end users with adoption and ongoing use of the BI tools

      o Document and fix identified bugs and defects

      o Participate in technology team and design meetings


      • Collaborate as a member of the Quality Matters Team

      o Coordinate and cooperate with Quality Matters staff to ensure the Program and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders

      o Participate in weekly staff meetings – from a distance or in-person as determined by Quality Matters Director

      o Attend in-person QM conferences and any required organizational or planning meetings


      • Other duties, as assigned


      Education / Experience Requirements:

      • Bachelor Degree in Information Systems or Business Administration (Essential)

      • 3+ Years Demonstrable, Hands-On Experience Building Data Models, Visualizations, and Dashboards Using Tableau & SQL (Essential)

      • Must be analytic, creative, and self-driven (Essential)

      • High affinity to data and business intelligence (Essential)

      • Must possess critical, analytical, and problem-solving abilities and the ability to be productive in a remote team environment (Essential)

      • Must be self-directed, proactive, and able to think beyond the immediate problem (Essential)

      • Highly organized with attention to detail (Essential)

      • Excellent analytical and reporting skills with the ability to analyze and summarize reports for management  (Essential)

      • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and able to communicate effectively with key stakeholders (Essential)

      • Must be a self-starter with the ability to independently manage workload (Essential)

      • Flexibility to meet continuously changing priorities and challenges  (Essential)

      • Must work well with other developers, technical and non-technical staff (Essential)

      • Must be able to manage time and milestones effectively, be self-motivated and work and communicate effectively. (Essential)

      • Strong hands-on knowledge of Tableau (Essential)

      • Strong hands-on experience of SQL(Essential)

      • Advanced Excel capabilities and related data manipulation (Essential)

      • Strong QA Skills (Essential)

      • Experience with Google Analytics (Desirable)

      • Experience working in higher education (Desirable)


      To Apply:


      Please submit résumé and cover letter to:


      The Human Resource Department

      QM Quality Matters

      1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway Suite 300

      Annapolis, MD 21401



      Web:  www.qualitymatters.org