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    Combined user filters

    Francois Marcoux



      Let's say I have simple database containing sales revenues with 3 columns: Category, Revenues, Date. This data is then presented in Tableau in a table such as the total revenues are shown by category and year. Through Tableau Server/Online, several groups of users can look at this table. Most the user groups see all the data, but one of the group must not be able to see the revenues associated with a category for the last 12 months.


      Using user filters, I know it is possible to filter out an entire category or the last 12 months of revenues across all categories, but is it possible to filter out the revenues of a single Category for a certain duration of time? What would be the best way to achieve this?



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          Matt Coles

          Yes, this is possible. If I were solving this problem, I'd write a calculated field that went something like:


          IF ISMEMBEROF('PrivilegedGroup1') THEN 1 // they can see all of it

          ELSEIF ISMEMBEROF('PrivilegedGroup2') THEN 1 // they can see all of it

          ELSEIF ISMEMBEROF('NonPrivilegedGroup') AND ( [RevenueDate] > '2015-01-01' AND [RevenueDate] < '2015-01-01') AND ([Category] = 'SomeCategory') THEN 1 // they can see some of it

          ELSE 0 // no data for you!


          Then, set that as up as a filter where it equals "1"...probably best as a datasource filter so that the logic would apply to any sheets using that connection in your workbook (without you having to remember to add it each time).


          There might be an easier way to do this, but hopefully that's one solution. Hope it helps!