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    Adding Multiple Reference Lines from a List (Parameter)

    Betty Chang

      Hello All,


      I am plotting a timeline of software logs using a gantt chart. I would like to draw vertical lines of the significant events in the system to give my reader some more context (see the gray lines in "Goal" figure). I have the timing of the vertical lines. After endless searching on the forum, it seems like the best way is to draw the lines manually by inputting the constant value. I'm wondering if there's a way to do it faster or automate it?


      Figure: Goal



      Here's some more information about the data. Please refer to the "Current_1" figure. "Tier" is the overall category and "Code" represents the specific event logged. The location is the starting time and the size is the length of the event. It seems like gantt chart is the most suitable visualization. The significant events are the "StartTimeInSec" from the "TurnAni" Sheet.


      Figure: Current_1



      I tried a few approaches. First is to do a union of the log data with the significant events (that I would like to draw vertical lines). I have tried doing dual axis with a bar graph, but the bars were horizontal so didn't work. I also tried dual axis with another gantt chart, which failed miserably. I also tried making startTime of the significant event (in TurnAni)  I couldn't figure out how to draw multiple references lines. The closest I had was making a parameter for the significant event timings, and add it to the reference lines. However, I can only select one line at a time.


      Any input on this would be much appreciated. I feel that it's a simple idea, but I just couldn't find a convenient way to do it.


      Unfortunately, the system keeps giving me error when I try to upload the figure and the workbook package. Please see them here for now: Dropbox - Tableau Question


      Thanks for your help! As this is my first post, please let me know if I'm missing anything or if I should clarify anything.