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    Unable to determine if all components of the service started properly. See "tabadmin.log" for more information

    Vivek Mishra

      I am sure this question would have been answered multiple time. But what just happened to me is quite unique.

      By mistake i added my laptop, which I use only to develop workbooks and has no tableau WORKER installed in it, IP to worker.hosts: instead of wgserver.trusted_hosts.

      Now even if i put the IP to the right location, it seems like tableau server has stored this information somewhere. My server is not starting up with the above error and as it is consistently looking for a worker, which happened to be my laptop that doesnt have worker installed in it.


      I am on tableau 9.0


      on "tabadmin.bat clean --reset-coordination" i get

      *** Error: Workers not responding: <my ip>


      Update: after i did this:


      tabadmin set worker.hosts --default

      tabadmin config

      tabadmin restart


      I was able to start tableau server. but all my worker were missing. so i discovered and added my workers.

      Now i am not able to login to the web. It is saying authentication failure.