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    Automatically merge multiple data connections of exactly the same format

    Paylogic Reporting

      Hi all,


      I am looking for ways to (automatically) merge multiple data connections that are all of the same format (exactly the same columns).


      Some context:

      We are experimenting with the new Web Data Connector in the beta version of Tableau (9.1) and with this connection you can easily add "shows" (we are in ticketing) by selecting a "show" in our environment and we will then push the purchasing data to Tableau using the connector. Since our clients have multiple shows for which they want to combine the data in the views (e.g. total amount of tickets sold over all shows).


      Data example (simplified):


      Connection 1:

      Show, Order ID, Order Date, Tickets

      1, 3123, 2015-01-05 20:02:00, 4

      1, 3143, 2015-01-05 12:22:00, 1

      1, 4123, 2015-01-05 22:32:00, 2

      Connection 2:

      Show, Order ID, Order Date, Tickets

      2, 1123, 2014-12-12 20:00:00, 4

      2, 2145, 2014-12-03 21:02:00, 2

      2, 2343, 2014-12-22 13:30:00, 3

      Connection 3:




      Since the amount of data connections will increase every time a new show is on sale, I am looking for an easy way to combine all data for all sources. Since the data set also includes a column "Show" I can easily create a Quick Filter to switch between the shows, but when all shows are selected I want to see the combined data. This means with example data that the number of Tickets (sum) should be 16.


      Another problem is that it should be very easy to add a new show to the data set (done by setting up a new data connection with the Web Data Connector).


      Hope someone can help me, because joining and data blending does not look like the solution.


      Thanks a lot!


      Cheers, Roger