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    how to have multiple active data connection to cope with 6 fact tables?

    ras ras

      Hi friends


      There is a situation in my current project and i could not find a clear solution by searching through

      the tableau support forum  .

      i have a data mart which contains 6 fact tables and common dimensions and also stand alone dimensions.Some of the fact tables have the same granularity and the rest have different level of details.

      If i want to add all of them to one data source and keep those 6 star schema together using joins ,it is going to be less performance and also makes issues in  output data.

      So i was wondering to use data blending but it seems it does not work for me because the granularity in facts can be different and also the type of fact tables with the same granularity are different it means they have different columns.

      The only solution that came to my mind is using the separate  data source for each fact table and corresponding dimensions.How ever the issue is that if i do so,each work sheet has its on data connection,and these worksheets are supposed to be kept in the same dashboard while we can have just one data connection active in the same time.Therefore when i added the worksheets to the same dashboard ,only the sheets relating to the active data connection are shown .


      -what is the best solution to show the worksheets with different data connections in the same dashboards?

      -it is also appreciated if any body knows another solution to handle those 6 fact tables?

      Thank you all