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    Renaming Calculated Fields on Published Data Source

    John Sobczak

      I'm using Tableau 9.0.4 and discovered that when I try to rename a field on a published data source that was originally a calculated field (ie. has the =) it will rename the field in the workbook, however when I refresh the data source in the workbook to the published data source, the name reverts back to the name of the calculated field in the published data source.  It is interesting this same behavior does NOT occur for non calculated fields (Dimensions OR Measures).


      I'm guessing this is a bug, but just want to check if anyone knew of a plausible explanation for it working like this.

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          Hey John,


          After renaming the fields, are you republishing the data source then making sure the workbook is connected to the recently published data source? It seems to me that the names are only being updated locally then being grabbed from the published data source which is refreshed (in terms of data) but not updated (in terms of changes made in Tableau).


          Let me know if that helps!