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    Putting appropriate metric sign ($, %, etc) for metrics in a single column in raw data.

    Abhisek Gupta

      Hi All,

      I have created a dashboard for all shopping behavior if members which include metrics like visits, sales,, % shopped for a particular member group etc. I have put all these metrics in a single column in my raw data so that I can use them as a filter in my dashboard. However, now i am facing two issues with the data-

      1: I need to show a particular sign in front of the metric in the graphs when that metric is selected in the filter. For exam when i select % shopped members I should see a percentage sign, when I select sales I should see a dollar sign. However , as all these metrics are in a single column I am unable to do it.

      2: I want to put selectively put decimal places in for a particular metric. For example i want 2 decimal places for % shopped members and 1 decimal place for sales. But again as these are in same column in my raw data  I am unable to do it. Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated as I need to submit the dashboard asap.

      Thanks in advance.