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    Tableau will not publish my workbook to online even after extracting

    Dick Sobel

      I have been able to publish my workbooks to Tableau Public and Online in the past. Usually I get a screen that requests to fill in the extract table. After doing so, Tableau uploads.


      However, I have an important workbook to upload and when I went through the process, a screen came up saying I needed to go back to my workbook and create extracts for the data.When Tableau tried to refresh the extracts, it gave an error message saying it couldn't find the files and requested if I can use a different file.   I found the correct file and made the substitution and Tableau refreshed them all.


      When I tried to publish again, got the same message about extracts, clicked ok and Tableau refreshed them all. However, Tableau did not publish.


      Went back to the workbook and looked at all the data sources. The extract data selection as the worksheet icon and the extract data is checked.


      Can anyone help me solve this?