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    How do we Sort and filter top 10 through Actions / Parameters?

    Ijaz Ahamed Meeran Abdul Jabbar



      Suppose I have a sheet where id and count of a second column is present. There are nearly 1000 IDs. I want to sort it based for the Top 10 counts of the second column. When I use the Top 10 condition in filter and choose column 2 , It gets filtered.


      But Suppose when I use an action from external sheet say category sheet, Once we click on any category, the count is showing for the top 10 already filtered previously. Like wise, I use a parameter and filter out some ID. When I filter it, The remaining 9 is only showing up.


      The output I want to show is, When I click on any category using actions in Tableau, the top 10 IDs within that category must be shown. Likewise when I filter using Parameter any one ID, the next 10 should be shown?


      Can any body help me in doing this?