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    Creating Folders inside Project

    vivek kompella

      I am trying organize workbooks inside the tableau Project. How can we create folders here and how to organize the content?


      We are using Tableau Server. Please suggest.

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          Ken Patton

          Sorry but the only hierarchy available on Tableau Server is Site -> Project -> Workbook -> View.


          Conceptually a Project is analogous to a folder, and nested folders are not supported.


          Are you currently using Sites? If not then that may be your best option.

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            vivek kompella

            Thanks for the reply Ken.


            This is strange. We have 20 users who will be working on server and creating workbooks. So sites is not an option.


            How to organize the content? If we open up in a months time it will be a mess.



            Vivek Kompella

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              Ken Patton

              Hi Vivek -- not sure what you mean Sites is not an option unless you are saying you are not licensed for it?


              The way you organize content should be designed mostly around the needs of your Interactors. How many of those will there be? Do they naturally sort into groups of people that need to access the same content?


              Or.. will the same 20 people that Publish be the same 20 people that View the content?


              It's only a mess if you let it be a mess. If you can't use Sites, then you may need to deploy several Projects. Again, Project is the closest thing there is to "folder."

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                vivek kompella

                HI ken and John


                Thanks for your reply. I am relatively new to the Tableau but have exposure to various BI tools. Let me tell you more about implementation.


                We are trying for an enterprise wide implementation, i am an administrator for a particular department. My department has 20 users and all of them will belong to a same group. Yes the content i as an adminstrator publish will be accessed by this group in common. Apart from that every user might want to some personal stuff as well.


                Also we plan to have 3 environment- Dev test and prod. Say in each environment there are 100 users. creating 100 sites/projects in each environment is a feasible approach?


                Also if different sites/projects is the way. how should we publish the content (workbooks/connections)?


                I am sure the question iam trying to ask here is not something out of the box. People might have addressed it in a different view custom to Tableau.


                Please guide me here.


                Thank You


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                  Ken Patton

                  I run an Enterprise deployment. We have more than 71,000 named users and as of today 354 Workbooks across 31 Projects on the Production Server.


                  You seem to be way over-thinking this whole thing.


                  You should organize your content around the groups that need to consume it, not the Publishers of it. For each unique set of Interactors (users, Viewers), make a Project and give it Project-specific Permissions.


                  If and only if the user groups need to be completely walled off and invisible to one another, then use Sites.


                  If you don't use Sites (and I do not, because there is no need to wall off), then you bracket multiple Workbooks together in the same Project, wherein the user community is essentially the same.


                  Different groups of users get Interactor permissions on different Projects.



                  It makes no sense to spin up a unique Project, let alone Site, on a per-user or per-Publisher basis.


                  Don't make things hard on yourself.

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                    vivek kompella

                    Ken, Thanks a ton for your guidance. These questions some up due to my ignorance on Tableau. I wanted to do little administration, so thought We should be enforce the way end users should consume/use it. I will ask an additional question please.


                    I agree with you here"You should organize your content around the groups that need to consume it" and this my approach. I beileive projects is the way to go forward.

                    I as an administrator, while publish from Desktop i have to choose a particular project say "Proj-A". And say on this project I make all users of  particular group to read only.


                    Now for every user who will to publish will have their own project. Now from teh tableau server how can they interact with content on "Proj-A" and publish/save to different project? Are you saying that is the where site comes into picture?

                    Now another scenario say a user-X published some content and want to share it only with user-y. how can this happen?

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                      Ken Patton

                      Okay well I am not convinced that arranging for a unique Project per Publisher is truly necessary, you certainly can "Move" a Published Workbook on the Server from one Project to another without anyone having to re-Publish.


                      What is the intent behind creating a unique Project per Publisher? You can (and should) annoint your Publishers with "Write" permissions for an existing Project, while your non-Publishers are only Interactors or Viewers. We have not seen a need to force Publishers to use Projects that are different from those in which consumers consume.

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                        vivek kompella

                        Thank Ken. But i am sorry i am back to the same question.


                        That unique project only came up through our discussions.


                        The reason for introducing Tableau is ease of use and self-service. Having said that we should give them flexibility in creating workbooks. And all these 20 will be Interactors and Viewers.  so leave them open in 1 project?

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                          Ken Patton

                          I apologize for not fully understanding what you are asking.


                          A Publisher is by default a superset of Interactor. So if you want them to both Publish their own content and be able to work with the content of others, then by all means they can do that in a single Project.


                          If instead you want a "private" vehicle where only a Publisher can see their own content unless and until you Move that content to some other Project meant for more public consumption.I personally have seldom witnessed a need to resort to that.


                          In general we have learned through hard experience that it is wise to have deployed only the lowest number of Projects that constitute enough. You should want to avoid unnecessary proliferation of Projects, and add new Projects only when truly unique sets of Permissions are required.


                          Being able to both Publish and consume in place, is definitely not unique.

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                            vivek kompella

                            Thanks for your patience Ken. My bad if i am not making my self clear. let me try to explain in simple terms:


                            i am an administrator and have 20 users. All these 20 users will be tagged to 1 group.


                            Administrator publishes Data connections and some generic workbooks to a single project.


                            Now these 20 users should be able to read only those generic workbooks, and will create their own workbooks.

                            say every user create 20 workbooks. It may not be necessary that 1 user created workbooks should be seen by other user.


                            There are no folders in tableau, we only have projects. Now how should we setup users?

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                              Ken Patton

                              Okay so you envisioning a world in which 20 Publishers might create 400 Workbooks.


                              As before, the number of Projects should be equal to the number of unique footprints of who the consumers should be.


                              Personally I think you should utilize a Dev Server and a Stage Server for some of this.


                              For example:


                              Publish your official Published Data Sources and starter Workbooks on the Production Server, in a "Golden Source" Project, in which your 20 Publishers will have Connect and Download permissions (in addition to standard Interactor permissions.)


                              Then, on your Dev server, have 20 Projects, one for each Publisher. Within each of those, give each Publisher the Project Leader permission on their own respective "Personal" Project. This would provide a place for Publishers to test their own content online.  Chances are that not all of their published Dev work would be truly worthy of "Production" publication.


                              For that which might be -- meaning might have other interested consumers, then have one or more "Beta" Projects on your Stage Server, where multiple Interactors (including other Publishers) can utilize the work of others, and perhaps give constructive feedback for refinement.   As already discussed, you should only need a number of Projects equal to number of unique audience (Permission) configurations required. That might be 1 or 5, but probably not more than that given no more than 100 possible Interactors.


                              And then, for your truly best content, having been vetted on Stage, "promote" that content to Production. Your 100 Interactors see only that which they need to see, but because of Dev and Stage your Publishers are free to try stuff out and refine it as they go.


                              But this is just one of many possible approaches.  Since you are concerned about keeping things organized, the "governance" rules are going to matter a whole lot more than any features of Tableau Server.  With no rules, chaos will reign no matter how the Server is Administered.  Don't ask me how I know.  

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                                vivek kompella

                                Thank you very much Ken, i am not asking you any more questions on this :-). Appreciate your efforts.


                                Utillizing dev server might require, setting up the refresh on all 3 environments from the same Production DB.


                                I feel we are working around the problem, but there must have a very easy way to address this. out of all the complexity that tableau solves, this simplest thing has become more complicated :-).  Probably working in MSTR and Cognos makes me think this way.


                                Tableau Folders folders folders please!

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                                  Ken Patton

                                  You should probably upvote this Idea:




                                  and spread the word to your friends to do the same.

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