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    data not showing up in between extract refreshes

    . Zottower

      I'm running Tableau 9.0 64bit Server.  I have a published Data Source extract that is pulls data from SQL Server.  This data source is on a refresh schedule of every 15 minutes.  I have never seen any problems with this refresh schedule itself - it always runs as expected. It's priority has always been 50, but I just changed it to 1.  There are no other data sources on a refresh schedule.  There are 7 workbooks that are connected to this data source.  Both myself and another user have noticed that occasionally when we try to load one of these workbooks, the data does not appear at all. Even if we hit the refresh button within the Tableau Server page.  But it always does eventually show up after some number of refresh attempts.  Today the data seemed to be missing for at least a few minutes.  This is a potentially huge problem for some of our users who are going to be doing a lot of demos soon and need to be absolutely sure that the data shows up. 


      What are the possibilities as to why the data sometimes does not show up?  At the moment the extract is refreshed, does it become briefly unavailable?  Does changing the priority of the refresh schedule have any impact?