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    Educational Brain Teaser: Political* Edition

    Joshua Milligan

      The Challenge:

      Recreate this campaign logo of a particular presidential candidate's campaign:



      And do so using one row of data.  And no custom shapes.  Starter Workbook is attached.





      As usual, please rate this challenge's difficulty level:

      1.  Very easy

      2.  Easy

      3.  Neither easy nor difficult

      4.  Difficult

      5.  Very difficult


      Good luck!



      * This post should not be construed or mis-construed as support or non-support for any individual, candidate, campaign, or political party.  Neither does this post seek to make any endorsement of the aesthetics or non-aesthetics of any logo, real or imagined.  The rating system is only for the difficulty of meeting the viz challenge and not a statement of the likelihood of election or nomination of any candidate.  Joshua Milligan is an equal opportunity vizzer and believes that all logos, political or otherwise, should have the chance to be rendered in Tableau.

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