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    Reporting of dates within dates - i'm confused..

    Chris Dixon

      Hopefully, I can explain this well enough.

      I have a range of dates, representing when a row of the data was "open" and "closed"


      Call 1, open '1st January 2015', closed '20th March 2015'

      Call 2, open  '30th January 2015', closed '15th Feb 2015'


      I want to write a report that shows how many were open in each month.

      e.g (with the above example)

      1st January - 1 call open

      1st Feb - 2 calls open

      1st March - 1 call open

      1st April - 0 calls open


      Now, I *could* write something that creates a new data table for each of the reporting periods and then use that.

      But, can I do it with the existing data?


      My brain is hurting to try and work out if it is possible.

      Any help appreciated, I'm fairly new to Tableau.