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    Dashboard hover behavior

    Sana Mojdeh



      Here is the situation on my dash:

      I got a word cloud on which when I hover on data, I can click to check related underlying data. A 'select action' also exists that filter data on my word cloud targeting other components on the dash. The problem is that when I hover and click to see the data, all data rows pop up, instead of that specific one on which I hover. Now, if I click on an item on the cloud - instead of hovering on- and click to see the data, only data related to that specific item shows (which is what I want) --> the problem: when I do this, I am filtering other components on the dashboard too, which I don't want.


      Is this normal? I want to hover, click to see data, and see only the data related to what I hovered on, not everything. Any idea?