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    Dashboard functions

    Sana Mojdeh



      Two questions:


      1- Is there a way to insert functions directly onto dashboard textbox/title? For example, dynamic date and time. The way I do it - inserting a separate sheet with a calculated field- is frustrating!


      2- Can we copy/paste tiles from one dash to another? I have to create a banner for the server dashboards (20), and really don't want to insert the image again and again and ... !




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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Sana,


          1. We cannot use function in dashboard text box. it just like notepad only.

          create sheet and do all the things what you want.


          2. First create banner and then right click the dashboard tab and duplicates sheet /copy sheet and then paste it and then drag the sheets want to add each dashboard.




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            Mayan M

            Hi Sana,


            for 2nd point, instead of creating a dashboard from scratch, create a duplicate copy of it, and then remove the worksheets, Not only would the banner stay the same, u can also maintain the size and position integrity by first  placing the new sheets, setting the size and then deleting the old ones.