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    Using kerberos authentication with SSAS cubes ?

    Younis Syed

      Hello Everyone,


      I recently entered into BI field. So I am practically new to BI models. The company I am working with has recently implemented Tableau for BI designing and SSAS cubes for data ware house. I am handling both right now. The issue is when I put dashboards onto server it is taking service account on which the Tableau sever has been configured initially to pull data form SSAS Cubes when users try to access the worksheets on tableau server.


      I am trying to implement Kerberos to pass along the users login onto the server also, so when users try to access the worksheets those users credentials must hit the SSAS cubes and pull data from it as that individual user instead of the service account.


      Can anyone please help me with resolving with this issue.


      Thank you.