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    Tableau Server Extract - Scheduling Tasks when not the owner

    Ken Gamble

      Using Tableau Server 8.3.4:  I published several extracts to server that run on a schedule, but occasionally need to "run now" manually if the data source is not ready on time.  We have a team of 4 publishers/editors - and I believe we used to be able to run each others jobs (we are all in a same Server group).  But they can no longer access 'Scheduled Tasks' option for my extracts, and I can no longer run their extracts either.


      Is this an 8.3 issue/feature?   Or do I have a permissions issue?  Server is showing me full permissions on their extracts and likewise for them as well.  I know we ran across an issue with the Change Owner function as well in 8.3 - I wonder if this is also an issue.  If not - anyone have ideas for ways to run other team member's extracts?


      Ken Gamble

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