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    Window Median for a column without adding the column to the dimension

    bharathwaj vijayakumar



      I have student graduation information by ID. I am doing a count of IDs by major every year to show how many students graduated in each major every year. Major is in row shelf and year is on column shelf. Now I need a median number of students graduated every year by comparing the majors, So if there are five majors in 2011 with 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 degrees conferred respectively, then the median should be 50 for 2011. I realized window median is the best way to do it but, the major has to be in the dimension in order for the window median to work. I want to take the median of degrees conferred in each year by comparing all the majors in the year and without adding major to the dimension. Only the year should be in the dimension. Is this possible? I am attaching the sheet for your reference