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    Can't print using browser.

    Wesley Smith

      Hi everyone.

      I want to print a dashboard page using the print function on browser.  But it gives me a blank output.  The screen is great, but the print output is blank.  I've seen other posts in this regard, but no one seems to have an answer.  Is there a simple way to enable

      Tableau to print like the rest of the world?

      Thanks,   Wes

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          Bill Lyons

          Use the Tableau Server export function:

          TS export.gif

          This is largely a security issue. This button can be disabled through Tableau Server settings so organizations can control their data. If everyone could print using the browser, there would be no way to control it.

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            Wesley Smith
            Thanks Bill for the tip. I've found a way that works better for me, but it's a little more complicated.  I created a URL action that loads my dashboard as a pdf file.  Thanks to your other tip, I can now pass filter values to my dashboard, which are loaded in my pdf, which my customer can then print. -Wes