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    Issue with Multiple Shapes and background images.

    Shivam Kapur

      Hello experts

      I am trying to map around 1K+ shapes to a dimension in Tableau 8.3.(extracted data)

      Everything works fine and images appear till the time I do not do extract refresh.

      The moment underlying data in ETL changes and when I do a data refresh in Tableau,all my images which were mapped get lost.

      I start seeing default shapes(traingles,circle etc) for that dimension.


      Is there something that I am doing wrong ?

      If once the images are mapped using shapes,should Tableau not remember its mapping irrespective I do a refresh or not ?


      Same thing is happening for Background images also.I have around 600+ background images mapped which also get lost when refresh occurs.Filters in background images shows but images are not coming.


      Thanks and Regards

      Shivam Kapur