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    JavaScript API developers landing page

    Justin Rockwood

      Overall, I really like the new site in terms of dividing up sections based on the various APIs in Tableau. Nice work. These comments apply to the JavaScript API section.


      • I really like the Community questions front and center, but I think it should be the secondary content presented, not the primary content. The primary content should be the "Featured Content" section that is small in the upper right.
      • Featured Content. I think these need to be in a different order. Start with the "Getting Started" link, then "API Reference", then "Examples of JavaScript API".
      • The content on the Examples of JavaScript API is fairly dated. It's still relevant, but I'd really like to see more updated content added at some point. We also don't have enough content there.
      • I would definitely add a link to the tutorial (JavaScript API Tutorial) to the "Getting Started" page.
      • You'll have to ask Russell Christopher for permission, but this site is awesome and should be considered for inclusion on the "Getting Started" or "Examples" pages: Tableau v8.2 JavaScript API.
      • Instead of having a link to the "Getting Started" section, maybe we could just embed that content directly in this landing page?
      • Oh, wait a second... I completely missed the orange sections at the top of the page. Yeah, that's more like it. Why did I miss those? Maybe because it looks like the previous landing page and I didn't bother to notice that the content had changed? What do you think about color coding each section or something like that? So the JavaScript API would be one color and the REST API a different color?
      • It would be nice to be able to go back to the other sections from the landing page. Something like a tabbed interface. Although maybe that's not as important - devs normally don't necessarily want to go between the JavaScript API and another API for example. I guess the "Developer Home" button is fine. It would be nice if it looked different than the other content buttons,though.