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    How to show a Reference Line for "All Time" on a chart that is for just one year

    Tom Littlejohn

      This may not be what Reference Lines were intended for, but here is what I'm trying to do:


      I have a current view that shows Average Report Run Times by Hour of Day.  And I'd like to check what I'm seeing against our ALL_TIME averages (over several years).  The goal is to point out outliers in our current day, so I can take corrective action.


      When I use a reference line to show the average, it is just calculating the average for the data shown on that chart.  See the attached workbook as an example.  This one is showing Average Sales.


      Is there a way to show the ALL TIME average on the Reference Line, instead of just averaging the data shown on that chart?


      If so, how?


      Otherwise, is there another way (beyond reference lines) that would be better to show that?


      Thanks for your help!