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    Jeff Strauss

      Any thoughts on the benefits of getting certified as a desktop or server guru?  I'd like to do it, but I'm not sure that my company will actually pay for it without a hard benefit.  thx.

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          Michael Perillo



          My server certification validates, for me, that I know what I'm doing in my role. Within my company we have approximately 225 Tableau developers. Of that, one personal is Tableau 9 Desktop qualified and another Tableau 8 Desktop qualified. I would very much like to see others qualify then certify to show they understand and can execute at the highest level using Tableau. 


          I don't think Tableau certifications are equivalent to other certifications where you can memorize material, brain dump on the exam and that's that.  I feel that those who have their qualification and certifications throughout the Tableau community truly know their stuff. 


          What's the benefit to my company? They can trust that they're in good hands and with each version I'm prepared to re-certify to ensure I'm competent to move the organization forward. A lot changed from v7 to v8 and from v8 to v9. When I tell my leadership that we need to scale up/out, reconfigure and introduce various training to engage and ready our users; I have a piece of paper that I can pull out and let them know I know what I'm talking about. 


          There's a lot of smart people out there that don't have their certification either, and that's okay. I'm looking to get my desktop qualification and certification later this year.  It's not enough I promote and teach best practice. I feel it's my obligation running the Tableau platform that I demonstrate to our users and leadership my level of commitment to Tableau by taking the steps to continue learning, certifying and leading by example.


          Long-winded response - hope it was helpful.

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            Toby Erkson

            Jeffrey Strauss wrote:


            Any thoughts on the benefits of getting certified as a desktop or server guru?  ...

            Only one that I can think of:  Resumé keyword for HR when looking for that next job


            With the number of resumés I've read for positions where the candidate had "certification" or "training", just to find out in the interview they barely have any on-the-job experience, has soured me to such scraps of paper.  Experience is the key; time in the job.  That shows more than passing a test.


            I know the Tableau certs aren't all about rote memorization, which is good.  Maybe I'm just getting old and crotchety

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              This is wonderful, Michael. I couldn't have said it better myself!


              Great to have you as part of the program!

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                Michael Perillo


                You're getting old and crotchety.    Agreed, experience is the key. If you're a certified Tableau professional, you know your stuff, but that doesn't mean you've seen everything. I for sure haven't, but with the years of experience working in a large enterprise environment, I've seen a lot. And the information being shared in the Community is helpful and appreciated.

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                  Nick Bachofen

                  IMO - certifications are for the person and not the organization (this excludes consulting work).


                  If you value certifications you should go for it. Now will the company pay for it? That is up to the company and how they value certifications. In my case the CIO encourages employees to become certified and didn't think twice about the small cost of the exams.

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                    Ken Patton

                    As far as "benefits" go, that's not totally clear, especially for those of us that are not working for a Tableau Partner or other form of consulting outfit.


                    That said, I am very proud of my Tableau Server 8 Professional certification, and I will pursue both upgrading my Desktop 8 Qualified Associate up to Desktop 8 Professional, and chase the version 9 of both of those. I don't know that they will directly enhance my marketability in the job market, but at the moment I don't need a new job anyway.


                    In the longer arc of time, my thinking is: we can't all be Zen Masters. Especially for those of us that can't blog, either because we don't have the time or because we work only with confidential data that does not lend itself to visual beauty, or both -- having Certs are one way to show that some of us mere mortals still have some actual skill in Tableau.

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                      Jeff Strauss

                      thank you for all the great responses, Michael, well stated.  I do feel that there is some worthiness toward certification, though it's difficuly to quantify.  For me it's more so a personal stamp and while only experience is the true key, certification can be a potential indicator of the experience.